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Ollie Joseph

"Sugar Fish"

Only time it’s ever cappin’s when the shows sell out
Most of y’all could not imagine being a ghost to clout
Not respected or connected when the modems down
And quick to form to clowns when the hoes around, but me?

I’m pennywise, smart with all the money coming in
From the gutter, built it brick by a f*ckin brick
I got calluses to prove it, I been heavy lifting
Revealing what was meant to happen, its already written

She let me hit it to my songs, while she sing along
My exes all got someone new, but we still involved
Can’t wait to text em all the news when I hit the charts
No response to “congratulations!”, cause they missed the mark

Now it’s meetings for releases up at sugar fish
Casted out the catalog, should peep the streams I’m pulling in
Don’t compare me, I am what you coulda, shoulda, woulda did
Claiming you get slept on, but your catalog is full of sh*t

It’s not a gift, had to get it on my own terms
I designed the blueprint, studied, did the homework
Built the foundation off belief and my own worth
Invested in myself and watched the money hit the growth spirt

On top of that, I’m no longer who she been avoiding
200 texts sent in a row on how her friend will join in
She roll with Wilhelmina models, I got several choices
One going down, the other one rubbing essential oils

On my neck, that’s my vice, the dread
Growing on me, this sh*t come with lessons, have you question life
Less advice from the people who been blocking doors
Thankful for what I got but respectfully wanting more

Kinda sour, battered by the wave I made, I was ashore
To find out they been staking claim in lanes i paved, my heart is torn
Do I bypass it, knowing they’ll get stuck in traffic
Or should I just catch em in it, clear the air of all the static

I don’t know, damn it’s hard to reason with with the mirror
A lot of my creation’s what I’m seeing in my peers
I got hits after hits, I should hit em with the combos
Product that they mimic, I’ll be giving to the compost

God knows, I credit myself and not a higher power
God knows, that she f*cking with me hoping that I
Write a song about her, and he’s probably right too
‘Cause I’m just starting, ain't no telling what I might do

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