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Flora Cash

"They Own This Town (Official Lyrics)"

[Verse 1]
I know it’s been a hard day on the block
Overtime and the bills don’t stop
‘member what we said back in June
If we still here now then we gotta move

I don’t know what you wanna do next
Got your job but you got no checks
I’m not saying that i got it all planned out
I’m just saying that… hey

[Pre Chorus]
I know we got some problems
Yeah i know we got some hangups
I’m not trying to make excuses
I’m just trying to put some meaning to the

Struggles that we’re currently
Go - ing through with currency
Go - ing through with family
It’s finally like we’re finally saying

They own this town
Maybe that’s why we get no ground
We could go if we don’t it’s a pity ‘cause
I could tell you it’ll change but it never does

They own this town
Maybe that’s why we get knocked down
We could leave in the morning and go all night
Take a train to the coast get a new life

[Verse 2]
I’ve been looking at the photos too
Three years and we got so cool
Two many ways we coulda blown it
One minute and we coulda thrown it all away

I don’t know what i wanna do next
Got a dream but i got no contacts
You’re the reason that i got this far
And i know we gotta work so hard i…

It’s coming… the moment we waited for so long
We have it… we’re on it… we’ll have it… i promise

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