Cemetery Girl in Kansas

Red Vox

Oh, knowing what we know
Knowing what we don't know
This is gonna change our world
Feeling how I feel
I'll accept the unreal
If you'd be my no-eyed girl

From nowhere mankind can go
There's too much light
Blinding white
Your matter tells mine to scatter
It's alri-i-i-ight
(She always looked at me through a cemetery window)
It's alright

From the moment that we met, I've been awake
Like I've never been awake in all my life
(She made a life of me, and it turned me off of feeling)
If I spoke your language I could tell you how I feel
But your language isn't real
(Now, she took me by surprise, I never had the notice)
In every myth there's a little bit of truth
But I cannot say a thing, I cannot say a thing
(I couldn't realize that there always was a window)
(An ordinary window)
Without proof, oh no

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