Oh Yeah (feat. Juice WRLD & Lil Pump)

Lil Pump

[Chorus: Juice WRLD]
Okay, let's skate, bad b*t*h finna come my way
Going 91, I'm on the high way
Can't go high without the high, ayy
Everyday I wake up, smoke another gram
Ayy, I don't give a f**k or another damn
Ayy, I'm smoking the kush from the Hoover Dam
Ayy, I'ma let these b*t*hes know who I am

[Verse: Lil Pump]
f**ked your b*t*h, told her, "Bye-bye-bye" (Yeah, ooh)
Smashed your main ho, nut in her eye-eye-eye (Brrt, Lil Pump)
Got a lot of racks on me (Ooh, yeah)
Got a lot of gas on me (Brrt, yeah)
Couple M's in jewelry (Ooh, yeah)
And my wrist like jetski (Ooh, yeah)
And I can't buy you no flight, no (Ooh)
Look at my bustdown shine (Yeah)
Pop some more molly (Ooh), drink some more lean
Damn I just missed my flight (Ooh, goddamn)
Pick a hundred bands up for the next show (Brrt)
I don't wanna f**k, b*t*h, I just want throat (No)
I didn't wanna tell you that your mama was a ho (Yeah)
Million dollars cash just layin' in the floor (Lil Pump)
All this ice on me drippin' (Ooh, drip)
Kick a b*t*h out, she trippin' (Yeah, ooh)
I'm too rich to listen (Ooh, brrt)
And my pinky ring still glisten (Yeah)
Told her don't lie-lie (Ooh)
No, you can't spend the night (Ooh, yeah)
b*t*h do not ask me why (No, yeah)
Cut the check or bye (Yeah)

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