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D Savage

"Thicker Den Water"

[Intro (Thouxanbanfauni)]
Aye man
You know what the f*ck it is n*gga
You know how we rock n*gga

[Verse (UnoTheActivist)]
Try to run up on me he get popped
Put that pus*y n*gga in a headlock (aye, aye, aye)
You know how I rock (aye)
Keep a Glock (aye), and my sh*t be c*cked (aye)

[Verse (Thouxanbanfauni)]
Got a pump, leave em shocked
Yeah a n*gga slurring with the snot
Okay a lot, yeah I get that guap a lot
Be pourin' act, be pourin' tech, be pourin' drop

[Verse (D Savage 3900)]
We pourin' drop, We pourin' drop, We pourin' drop
Get his ass beat sellin re-rock (yuh, yuh)
Posted up on the block with the Glock
Talkin' sh*t, pull up with the diamond off

[Verse (UnoTheActivist)]
Keep it real, would you f*ck with me before the deal?
All my choppas squeeze, leave a pus*y n*gga squeal
Boy you know the deal, in the field it get real

[Verse (Thouxanbanfauni)]
It get real, them n*ggas riding with me never squeal
I can never slip, but I keep banana peeled
Keep my heater on me, offense no shield

[Verse (UnoTheActivist)]
And we keep them pints sealed
Sending cures out, them boys on the hills
I just want a house in the hills
With my dad I wanted to be trapper of the year
Nah forreal aye (2x)
Everytime you see me you gon see this steel (aye)
With the same gang kicking sh*t still (aye)
Nah forreal aye (2x)

[Verse (Thouxanbanfauni)]
And I never needed no connections
I done got this sh*t through imperfections
My b*tch, I caresse her imperfections
I don't need no vest hoe, I know I'm protected
Young boy, I don't need a lecture
Cause I'm the man, a CEO, a head honcho lecture
Yo hoe get naked, and then she neck it
Redbone, but she sip that xylophone
Okay that purple that I need it straight from Texas
That hoe get hectic, it get hectic, I'm so reckless
pus*y n*gga, I wanna know who check it
Okay pus*y who gon check me for my necklace?

[Verse (UnoTheActivist)]
Who you testin?
Oh lets get it
b*tch I'm bout that ac-tion
Live, then I spend it
Hate it when you try to find out my attention
Pour lil tech, a brief intermission
I'm on a mission, aye don't make no bad decisions

[Verse (Thouxanbanfauni)]
True Religion, seen it by the stitching
I don't want that hoe, like too much b*tchin
I just go get it, don't do no wishin
I be gettin guap, repetition
I get it back, I get it back, don't do no wishin
Thought that sh*t then go get up and get it
Snoozin losing, you be Z's I be (?)
All my hoes be dressin, yo hoes be stressin
I can't be stressin, I ain't had no f*cking blessings
I had to do this sh*t, I did it with no blessings
We had to do this sh*t, we came up with no blessings
We ain't want no blessings...
C's on that hunnid....
He ain't even gotta bless me...

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