D Savage

"Stay Down Remix"

[Chorus: D Savage]
Tell me, what is you on?
Need an AP that's two-tone
Bad b*t*h, she a redbone
I’ma f**k her all night long
And I'm smoking like Cheech & Chong
Backwoods, I don't do the bongs
In the streets gotta keep a chrome
Everybody leave me alone
Gotta stay down for the come up
I be gettin’ money 'til the sun up
Hatin' ass n***as need to shut up
Tell em' I'm next up (Yeah)
Tell em' I'm flexed up
Ridin' round in the Tesla
And your b*t*h watch me like TV
Hatin’ ass n***as wanna be me (Yeah)

[Verse 1: D Savage]
I be countin’ hella bands, hella bands, hella bands
So much money in my pockеts fallin' out my pants
I just got some new designеr drip that came from France
On the stage I hit my dance, hit that money dance
n***as flaw, you n***as fu, I can’t f**k with you
I got Ks on top of Ks, what you wanna do?
We could link up at my place, have a rendezvous
Tell these n***as watch they mouth, I got guns that shoot
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