[?], foreign party
I beg your pardon
Why you lookin' honest?
So drag this slower
B*t*h I ain't sober
That's so ironic
I'm back to rolling
Foreign lover, foreign sl*t
Damn, when you told me
I couldn't look, yeah
Sew, been torn up
Damn, four in a row
Lies slit my shell
Shoulda [?]

Life feels lit, like a cigarette
See her dance in lonely
Ten on Roly cost
Four on ring cost
I ain't even heard 'bout you till the last fall

Rings on me (Rings on)
Chain and gold on me
Forty b*t*hes on me tryna f**k to sh*t
City so big, see them wanna be
Glad I'm a loner tryna sit
Right along them, wanna sleep

Go and f**k yourself, you piece of sh*t. I want my money back! You f**king hang up on me when I do something you f**kin' asked me to. Why don't you just go kill yourself and f**king leave me alone? Like, give me my sh*t back and f**k off. I'm so sick of this sh*t. I've been waiting for so f**king long for my money back, I--