Back Talk

Back talk from my shawty, gonna lit (on my lip)
Going to door to door off the sh*ts (Off the sh*ts)
Rack city with yo bitty, kinda lit (Kinda lit)
I don't give a f**k about none of that sh*t (None of that sh*t)
Ride around, brand new coupe with yo hoe (With ya)
Maxed up, ga**ed up, got it more (Got it more)
Pills in my bags on the block (On the block)
I don't give a f**k, b*t*h, I got the pow (Got the pump)
Ayy, b*t*h

Flexed up, Benz truck, been called daddy
Been through, ion give a f**k 'cause you don't call me daddy
Yo b*t*h tryna be around me, on my lenin
Benz truck, [?] already [?]
I don't give a f**k, b*t*h, I'm a drug addict
I don't want to carry [?]
I don't give a f**k 'cause I'm f**king tend that