Yeah, riding 'round town with my Glock 45
Think you really wanna die
Never saw you again [?]
[?] I think I want [?]

Ride in the whip before I [?] you out slow
Dreaming on the floor cause I'm driving real slow
I ain't give a f**k b*t*h, ride around cold
I don't really care about my life no more
Drugs in the whip but I'm smoking on this gas
I ain't think about you no more that's in the past
I ain't give a f**k about you no more broke my heart
Found all these drugs and I broke 'em all apart
Riding the whip, got a big f**king Glock
Blow your f**king head off if you think you talk a lot
Yeah I don't care anymore I got the top
Dropped on the whip at night yeah I drop the top
Blood on my cigarettes'
[?] again
That's how I win again
Yеah, f**k what you're finna say
I ain't really give a sh*t
I ain't givе a f**k about you last week
I ain't give a f**k about you today or the next day
F**k what you wanna say, oh you wanna pray
Now that you wanna live
Uh, fly, fly in the whip I really think I wanna die
Think you wanna take me b*t*h I'm really gonna go
Take her to my house and then you gotta go
You ain't get me top so, b*t*h I wanna know
Do you really love me? or is it just a show?
Breaking my heart is a crime you should know
It's a crime you should know, whoa