Rich Forever Music
New Wraith
[Verse: Famous Dex]
Hop in the truck and go wow
Hop in the truck, freestyle
Yeah, look at me now, my pockets looking like wow
Kids so big, huh yeah
I got three kids, huh
Baby T, Baby J, Baby Dex, ooh
They getting big, for real

[Chorus: Rich The Kid & (Jay Critch)]
All of my kids straight, got rich off of mixtapes
My money like 6'8, my chain a brand new wraith
My b*t*h she bad today, can't f**k with these n***as they fake
It's [?], I had too much on my [?]
Yo Dexter, when are we puttin' that boy on a stretcher?
Yo Dexter, that pu**y was good I bought her a Lexus
Marshall went and got the pints from Texas
Break a brick down then I stretch it
The world is mine, I done already said it
The b*t*h want a bag but she cannot get it (Hey!)

[Verse: Jay Critch]
B*t*h want a bag, but I tell her forget it
Left wrist all baguette spaghetti
Cartier frames , so I see where I'm heading
She let me swipe like it's debit or credit
Hop out the Lambo truck, brand new amiri stuff
And I'm poppin' the tags
Sit with that cheese on us, if she ain't eatin' up
Then I'm dubbin' it fast
Tryna compete with us, little n***a you don't make no deposits
Ran it up, when I ran out of options, ran it down like what's in your wallet, aye
Came a long way, hitting stains in a Balmain
Now I'm with Dex, making plays like the ball game
I don't gotta flex, diamonds hitting from long range