Rich Forever Music
No Static
[Intro: Famous Dex]
Hey, Ha
ChaseTheMoney,  ChaseTheMoney
Yuh,  ha, what, yah, hah
How we doin'? (Yuh)
Ohh man god damn, what?

[Verse 1: Famous Dex]
Bad  b*t*h, suck on my d**k, huh
I  just pulled up wit' a stick, huh
Yeah, I'm sippin' on lean
I'm  drinkin' that rim, I'm feelin' like Critch
Hey, f**k lil' b*t*h every day
She let me give me that face
Baby b*t*h give me brain, Wayne
I  be getting money, you a dummy
Swear to god, I put d**k right in her tummy
Yeah, you n***as so bummy
Huh, I can't talk 'cause you dummy
Fiend, sippin' on all this lean
Ooh with this money on me
You can call a money machine, ha
Yeah, I got it
Run up on him with rocket, swear he ain't got sh*t, huh
Yeah, I pop me a bean
Got a big lil' b*t*h, swear to god she will suck d**k, huh
Ooh, yuh, baby girl suck on that d**k though
And I get mad, and I get mad
Gettin' money, givetin' money, yeah, big doors, b*t*h

[Interlude: Famous Dex & (Jay Critch)]
B*t*h, know what I'm sayin'
I dont, really do all that talk sh*t, all that flexing
Yknow what im saying?
Like i said
I got so much energy
Imma let this person talk their sh*t
Jay Critch talk to 'em
Ya dig (Hey!)

[Verse 2: Jay Critch]
I walked in with a bad b*t*h, they don't want static
I made Givenchy, my fabric
My diamonds flashin', givin' 'em static
Used to have bands in the mattress
Look at the bag, how it's Stackin
How my 30s pull up like, "What happened?"
Slime scorin', he plays for the Magic
In the foreign, she said she needs chapstick
Boy, you ain't got money, it's tragic
Put the d**k in her mouth, now she gaggin'
I woke up to some money, fantastic
Make it stretch just like Fantastic 4
You a pu**y, what you rappin' for?
You a rookie but I have to score
I'm too high, I almost crashed the Porsche
B***erfly, I had to catch the doors
That prolly went over your head
Shorty bad, I hit her up for that head
I was runnin' up four pints for the med's
F**k her once she tryna stay in my bed
But I'm kickin' her out, yeah, pronto
Ballin' like Harden, you ballin' like Lonzo
Smokin' that cookie and paper and Fronto
Nine to your back like a n***a named Rondo
'Cause I'm getting the green like its Boston, flossin'
If he ain't sign't up, its gon' cost him
I give my white girl the coke, she say, "Awesome"
If you ain't talkin' no money, you lost 'em
Hood fave, b*t*h, I'm all about dividends
That money comin' around like the ceiling fan
I be the boss and these n***as the miniman
N***a b*t*h talkin' the money, lets get it then