Vinny West
Wow, Vincent, I'm so proud of you man, like this sh*t is really crazy
From squabble up, which people don't even know about
To Mister International Too Player, yes my n***a's international
You got people singing and dancing to your songs all over the world
Like, what? Who would have ever thought?
B*t*h, me 'cause I've been here from the get and I already knew this was gone happen
Nah, but people done prayed on your downfall
People done doubted you, people done even hated on you
And look where you are now
And look where they are, singing your songs, mm
Funny how life works
But nah, I really f**ks wit' you because throughout all of this
Mister Vinny West, Mister Too Player, you stay true to who you are Vincent
You never let Vinny West get to your head
You've always been humble and so genuine
And that's why I really really f**ks wit' you
And it's crazy cause you really gots fans like what?
People be like, "Vinny West, oh my gosh"
But no matter what, I'ma always be your number one fan
And I'ma always be here and support you in whatever you do
I love you, Vincent