Vinny West
Rule 1, never f**k a thug b*t*h
A thug b*t*h be the same as a sl*t b*t*h
Gang you up then they might fall in love b*t*h
Leave you stuck now you lookin like a dumb b*t*h
Rule 2, you needa get yo money up
Its like rule one but actin funny huh
Test her, see how fast the money come
If she ain't bringing in the funds find another one
Rule 3, stop flexin on the gram
Stop dming me them dumba** scams
We ain't homies we ain't partners you ain't fam
Free my n***a Kay-Arb out the motherf**king jam
Rule 4, stop buying all them chains
Get yo momma outta debt make it rain
Put her in a house in a car anything
We do it to get money, money n***a f**k the fame
Rule 5, neva tell lies
If you gon ride for a n***a better slide
My enemies yo enemies
Never switch sides
Never fill a dark(?)
Thats a snake in disguise

Rule 6, dont trust sh*t
Dont even trust yo main homie or a b*t*h
Money change errything that sh*t hella sick
Keep a player all the time so you won't get bit
Rule 7, you better run it up
If any n***a need a fade you better squabble up
Its 2018 better keep a thang tucked
Take all back fades be quick to line it up
Rule 8, neva turn fake
Keep errything silent remain straight
Be a man better take her on a date
At the end of the night
Put that thang on my face