Willy Wonka
[Verse 1: Trésor]

I be the king
I be the holy
I be the royal
You n***as are phonies
You starting that beef
I say that’s bologna
They dappin me up
Dont act like you know me

Ain't gotta clue
Who i keep in my crew
Higgins and romey
They some of the few
Wait what
I don’t understand
Popping them bottles
And thowin up bands

All night
Goin crazy
A couple kegs
A bunch of ladies
Jungle juice
Drink it clear
Sucking blood
Sucking necks
She got a man
I saw the text
I don’t care
I do my thang
And in the morning
Her walk of shame

Oh lord it happened
Now i’m laughing
N***a that’s tragic
But it had to happen

Deez hoes ain't loyal
Thats why i don’t f**k wit em
Makes my blood boil
Then ask whats up wit him

Like oh man you’re a silly hoe
You said he makes you feel miserable
You wanna f**k
And that you're filled with lust
But now you flipping on me
Like reciprocals
[Hook: Trésor]

You know I'm the truth
B*t*h you know I'm the truth
I'm killing the booth
B*t*h I am the truth x3

[Verse 2: Trésor]

Back in this b*t*h and I'm back on my grind
Back in the whip
I Got nothing but time

Trésor the killa
And you don’t need gla**es
Cause i’m 20/20
No fractions

I’m perfect
Man i’m gorgeous
A lot of b*t*hes tell me i’m flawless
Make her hit the high note
While she rides my tight rope
And she chops the wood in the morning
So why try and stop me
Dedicated like rocky
Work ethic like jordan
And i never get c*cky

Well maybe a little

My mom always told me
To stunt if I got It
I ball like I'm harden
Make moves like a rocket
That's why there's a party
Of bens in my pocket
So B*t*h you can't touch me
There's no other option
Cause I am the truth

[Hook: Trésor]

You know who I be
B*t*h you know I'm the truth
I'm killing the booth
B*t*h I am the truth x3