[Verse 1:Kabza De Small]
Insert coin and join the game
Come get that a** straight Chopped Dow
Now change the game, f**k the fame
My education's all on my own
Welcome to the ghetto, where forever be the same
Now, get on down...
When it drizzle come the storm
No cosmo stomp, her's the true form

Leave yo' chest exposed like Janet Jackson
Heut Abend baller ich mir einen an!
So I had to be up
Keep a fifth off in my cup

[Verse 2:DJ Maphorisa]
It's feelin' somebody been have left out
You don't wanna see hell as Vica Versa
Junk like a skunk, mad wet, no doubt
Raperito que ya acabas de nacer AH!
Bang like T-Mac, ski mask air it out
Give head, she can't puff my 'gar
Boy you had me going all out for you
Full of c*m, I put work in

On how we devour guys
Head honcho, macho in whose eyes?
Nation been long risin' against fellow Nation
I'm turning smiling into my only addiction

[Verse 3:Judah Berman-Roberts]
Here we come to save the day
Insomniac, left his world like a maniac
I've got to get away
Can't stop to turn around, broke my sacroiliac
So I was lead astray
Y'all, six, Swizz, and Busta back
First family, Mr. Serv-On, TRU yall
Y'all can't rise but y'all guys fall

These papercutz just ain't enough
Got up wit' JD doh', crazy dough
19 with no friends and no types of family
In the beginning we was bonding, physically and mentally
[Verse 4:Mikel St. Hilaire]
He had to escape
Gangsta, gangsta, b*t*hes and hoes
Blogs have red tape
Get up and lace ya shoes
There's no escape
I re-fuse to lose
You best to slit your wrists
We cannabis evangelists, iron palms with metal fists

Then take your a** on home
Inside of that dome
I'm belching at a picnic
Is that your chick?