YoungBoy Never Broke Again

"Tampering With Evidence"

[Verse: YoungBoy Never Broke Again]
Police lock us up because they don't understand the way we live
Interrogating us all for hours, we ain't telling what we did
I was way up in New York when they broke in Montana crib
Somebody told them we was gone, yeah, I know what it is
Some n***a 'round me tryna snake me, probably trying to get me killed
Shooters trailing on my rear, n***a, this the way we live
Seem like they started hating when they heard I got a deal
Momma told me that my cousin died, I ain't shed a tear
If it wasn't for Montana, I'd have juvenile life
Shackled down in Paris prison, I was fightin' for my life
Smoking weed and toting guns, with Lil Ben every night
Now the judge don't want me 'round him, I know it's gon be alright
Step on a n***a for that talkin'
Now the police buildin' cases on me
They know we bout it
If you a gangsta keep that sh*t in the streets
Strapped with that forty, I heard a n***a want it with me
I'll put a n***a straight to sleep, he think he f**kin' with me
They say that they want smoke
Where them poles?
We gon' ride n***a
Steppin' with my bros, right or wrong, you gon' die n***a
I put that on my soul, we ain't hidin' n***a
I just wanna know, who got a problem n***a?
When my grandma died, made me wonder, who gon' do for me?
I don't trust nobody, make me wonder, who gon' shoot for me?
I ain't got no n***a with me, just my girl and this coupe with me
Sincerely from my heart, I'ma tell you 'bout it truthfully
I know I'm gon' die, no I do not have that long on earth
Swear I need a blessin', man I need to take my ass to church
Put your pistol in the sky when you see me passin' in my hearse
I really don't feel love, man I swear to God this sh*t hurt
And I know they gon' cry the same day I go
Tell my son, come to my casket and leave me a rose
Call on Ben and Three, promise me you'll never fold
Stand on all ten and don't never put your trust in hoes
They don't understand the way we live, woah-oh
They don't understand the way we live, woah-oh
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