YoungBoy Never Broke Again

"Slime Belief"

(Hey-ah, yeah, hey-ah, yeah, hey-ah, yeah, yeah)
(Hey-ah, yeah, hey-ah, yeah, ah) Hey ma, what it do?
(Straight up)

If you want it, you got it, you know how I'm rockin’
They never could stop it, it's stuffed in my pocket
I got up for the score and they never could block it
After the show, I count up in a Masi'
Tears fall from the lies, despite
Hunnid bands through the time of the night
When you left, I ain’t wanna live life
Now I'm happy on the in and outside
Can you make it better? Trap out like Griselda
Post up with Berettas, hustlin' through the night, yeah
Spin the block, finna stretch 'em
Wake the hood up when we wet 'em
And it's all gon' be alright, yeah
When that wrong choice take your life, yeah
Gucci print should be on top of that Nike print
From them rich n***as kickin' yo’ back door
And they should give a Rollie to n***as who want it
Who don’t know a thing but trap, though
Blue faces, I put that over nat hoes
The sh*t that we sellin' will make you relapse, though
Thinkin’ I'm slippin', run up and get clapped, ho
I put that North on the map, ho (Gang)
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