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YoungBoy Never Broke Again

"HB Pain"

So Many Problems (yeah)
Thinking How To Solve Them (yeah)
So Much Pain In My Body (yeah)
They Selling Lies And I Bought It (yeah)


Don't Tell Me That You Love Me If You Gonna Die For Me You Can
Stay There For f*ck Around Me Tell Me You Will Never Leave Me
How Could You Just Lie To Me I Been Giving All The Love Tell Me
Do You Feel It Never Learn How To Inciditidors After You I Take
A Slugg Baby Who The Realest


Been In Love Never Help Solve My Problems I Wish I Could Find
A Girl Just Like My Momma I Don't Want To Hurt Nobody Up
With That Choppa

By:@qpac_shacur, Rapper:nba Youngboy

Name Of Song:Genie And????????

YouTube channel:nba Youngboy

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