YoungBoy Never Broke Again

"Kacey talk (Remix)"

Lil Choppa:Big bank, new coupe, new water, new roof
Too hot too cold too warm too cool
Who u boohoo u trash threw u
Five star blue flag crip gang ooh ohh
Big haters big fans already knew I got ur bich she go coo coo new boo
Im finna be da big bad wolf
Hee hee ha ha shoot u
I am the money maker i am tha drug tester
Put money on his head and then drive like tha speed racer
Yor music trash nd im finna erase it find a good beat then ima remake it
Hot like miami like i’m the heat taker
I go to la by myself don’t even need lakers
Yo hoe bow down I guess Choppa da knee brеaker

Hold up slow dow I am tha goat now
I am the goat now
Yo bich a groupie
Shе can’t leave me alone now
I be so high like I’m talkin to ghosts now

First she was eatin now she doin splits on tha d**k on the floor now
d**ked her so good she can’t walk to da store now
He call her wifey I call her my hoe now

I’m gettin money nd I said tht I walk a n***a he dead
Get a child for that n***a
I leave him hangin like he on a cross wit a n***a
Lil Ry went nd shot that lil n***a
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