YoungBoy Never Broke Again

"Regret (unreleased)"

Just thought that i should tell you i meant everythang that i said
Right now its time to clear yo head if you been mislead
And i ain't never meant to hurt you if you thinking that
And i ain't never wanna see you when it come to this
Tryna do better so the judge want come hang my ass
But i still walk around with that Glock tucked in my pants
I got diamonds on my neck and diamonds on my hands
Used to be broke but now i got a whole lotta bands
I put you in situation when you tell me to stop
I told you that i need some time i got sh*t on my mind
I be feeling like my n***as don't wanna see me on top
It ain't a hour through the day that i don't think about dime
Sittin laughin girl to tell me you remember them time
Girl like you ain't in love with me girl you in love with my rhymes
I'm thinking maybe its my money or the way that i shine
Or is it something about my style how i be totin that 9
You know i'm really thuggin i been movin around all day
You know if you need somethin call me and i'm on my way
Got fifty thousand in my pocket with a Glock up on my waist
Won't hesitate i'm quick to shoot em headin right back to the place
Come and take a ride with a thug n***a
I been mistreated my whole life so share yo love with me
Ain't got no time to start over so i think about the time that we settle
Ain't gotta worry about a thang you know i be bout whatever
Tell me what is it go take for you to realize
That ill give you anythang just to see you smile
Ain't got no time to play games been hurt to many times
b*t*h if you love me then you love me
Don't say you stayin and you not (oh)
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