YoungBoy Never Broke Again

"Shoot That Blicky*"

Lyrics from Snippets

Now you only like the reason I got this check, you can do it by me
Bro standing on that page, I got two or more hundred
Take a n***a head off, then I kill him, yeah
Me and him don't play at all, nah [?]

Who he found, brother kick a door
I want that dead, get it gone
In and out, one, two, three, four
Been in moving ’fore the kick door
.45 in my pants on the front row
f**k n***a move wrong, end up gone
Okay, one thing, I gotta go
Tryna live with everything that I pay for
n***a try to get bang, he bang wrong
Make that 40 go baow straight to his dome

[Verse 1]
I ain't taking these b*t*hes I love across the world with me
She wanna pop that P-E-R-C and I'm giving her three
I ain’t talking that down, I ain't talking ain't down, I ain't paying no fee
Warning flag go down, shoot a whole hundred rounds if a n***a want beef
Yeah, shoot that blicky, take one off
You really think that ice what's in my styrofoam?
Bro get livid, I'm too hot, I'm getting mind blown
Kicking this sh*t in Gucci covered rhinestones
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