First Day Out lyrics

YoungBoy Never Broke Again

"Blood speak up"

Imma start it off saying I ain't mean to cause no pain, yeah
I just can't wait until they take me
I came up and seen a lot of things, yeah
Who I thought loved they really hate me, Asking God to save me
Bless the ones betrayed me, and the ones want slave me
p*ssed off that they ain't me, Help me dream what I can't see
Let me die up in my sleep, f**k that love I'd rather weep
f**k the fame and industry

And I come from outta place where n***as don't love you
Everybody in the streets dying by they self
All the elder cross' the streets, They tell em' be careful
Everybody really lost, Don't know what they here for
Sacrifices I be taking them chances, Stand tall never panic
I be running it up and I'm fresh like I'm manny, Money stashed in the pantry
Ever since I was younger, I dreamed that I had it
Now I live in a mansion, And now that you see me I'm up in a Lamb
My girl push a G-Wagon
They can say that I'm broke, They can say I'm a killer
They can say I'm a cheater and a woman beater
Prolly bring up that I got one conviction
Say that I'm scared cause I'm done with beefing, yeah
Or say that I'm pu**y all because I don't tote no heater
My family you not gon' feed em
So I run it up I don't give a f**k, Cause I'm living my life
They say my downfall up, I can't give it up
It's prolly best that I die

All of this love and this hatred it f**k wit' my heart, man I'm missing my grandma
I don't trust no girl out cause my mama, Time to make it right now
I been falling short I choose Sheronda, Think it's time I fight now
What the f**k the hype, I think it's time I save my money right now
Go broke everybody gon' leave me, Had to rest nobody come see me
She said she love me and she wit' me it don't got no meaning
Imma sip my drank I need it, That gun smoke powder I breathed it
I ain't ever scared nah, Tell them b*t*h ass boys come see me

(Cause I run it up I don't give a f**k, Cause I'm living my life, Yeah
They say my downfall up, I can't give it up
I think it's best that I die, Yeah,)

You let outsiders come between what we done made
You don't really know what's on my heart, Yeah
Ever since my grandma been up in her grave, I been falling short my life so hard
What the f**k you want from me, I don't have much
I'll give you anything, Yeah, I think it's best if I just leave, My life so hard I don't want no part of none of these things

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