Life lyrics

Clayton Jennings

This is life
It's a rocket
And some go higher than others
Some go further than others
Different places than others
But the day you’re born you're launched
And maybe the trajectory of your life is stunning
And from the outlook of things, you're on the rise
Good looks, charm, humor, top of your class
Best athlete, to the best university
Best looking spouse, talented and healthy children
Expensive cars, a big house, a big life
A big name, a big bank account
Along with what appears to be a big, giant, gaping, growing

Feelings of loneliness
Depression, anxiety
Thoughts about suicide
Medications, just to numb it all
You see, you got to the top and found out that the bottom was better
Or maybe you never got off the launchpad and you feel like a failure because of it
Maybe we were never made to race to the top of some invisible pinnacle of pointlessness
Maybe you weren’t made to live for that big degree, big name, or big bank account
Maybe that's why the furthest and the highest are the least down to Earth
And maybe that's why the people who never launched get high to numb themselves to the reality that they're still low
You see, we were never made for us
We were made for so much more than that

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