Jerry Purpdrank
Yeah, Yeah
Your n***a heardin through the grappe vine
Now we ballin but we started on a base line
Only going up by my incline
Grew up of the vine to a gold mine
Never had no money never had sh*t
But I kept my head high, still positive
Never on the corners never sold dope
But I always wanna stunt in new clothes
Started hitting licks ?
Just so i can eat or i can have a meal
If 12 pull up then you gotta peel
The trust can go bad if you break the seal
I've lost n***ers over 40 dollards
Now these 40 thousand on my color
6 seconds got me where I am
Wasen't going nowhere taking them exams
People hating cuz im funny and i can rap to
I'm making bread in all places but not you
The lord got me so blessed no atchoo
I making mama happy that's a virtue
But people keep, talking
The haters keep, talking
But mama told, me, we don't get

[Verse 1]
I came [?] and I pics it, Yeah
Came out [?] the squad [?]
I now the haters [?]
A young n***a [?] of my succes
I ben on my [?]
Money on my mind
My eyes [?]
I'ma make you blind
I wanna be the best
[?] rappin' and stuckin' my n***a [?] no sleep time
My diamonds [?] than a [?]
I meet more ennemies every day
So I kow I'm in the right direction
No new n***as [?]
We be trying [?]
Livin it like it's a dream
I'm living it like this is [?]
I'm [?] baby
But there's no need for election
Man I was f**king [?]
My bank account was a joke
Now my neck like a [?]
You [?] the n***as [?]
Haters came out when they see your succes
Man you got tallents they all gonna press
Wish they was you [?]
Living my life [?]
Money got long, got new adress
[?] so I am not stress
Wish a n***a would 'cause [?]
She [?]
[?] n***a they always winner
[?] your b*t*h always [?]
Now she [?]
Cause all of my n***as are lit
And all of you do is [?]
Now you see I got the spirits
When your talking I don't hear it
But I hear the money [?]
That's why [?]
[Hook (x2)]
Clearly that was a lie
They switched to the other side
Alright, alright, alright
You can get [?]
Time [?] that still I die
Time [?] even when I die

[Verse 2]
Gonna Keep on progress
Gonna Keep on upgrade
Gonna Keep change [?]
Gonna Keep [?]
Till the day that I can say this
Look at me, mama, I made it
Look at me, mama, I made it
Look at me, mama, I made it