Alice Phoebe Lou
Me & the Moon
Well I’m walking just past midnight
I’m alone all alone
Ah just me and the moon
And I’ve got quite an appet**e
Should I stay alone
Or should I call you up call you up
Maybe I’ll have a little drink and a little smoke
Mull it over think it out
‘fore I just call you up after midnight
On such an empty night
Could I enjoy it for myself
Or do I need some company
Is it that easy to call someone up
And tell them to wrap their arms around me
It’s easy when the world’s asleep
And it’s so easy when it’s all at my feet
So I decide not to go home
Not to go anywhere in particular
I’ll just follow my feet
Meet myself on an unfamiliar street
Until I finally find nothing
Maybe nothing’s what I need
Ah just me and the moon
Ah just me and the moon