Heartbroken lyrics

Mr Eazi

Continued my journey, continued my journey
When I said, I liked you
You were my friend
My friend
My best friend
My only
My first friend in my life
I regret still, continued my journey
When you say, that you like someone
But you lied to me
I'm still heartbroken
Still heartbroken
My first love in my life
The one who I trusted
Continued my journey
I resumed my journey
Resumed my journey
{Versе 1}
Sometimes we rеgret things
Things that were unexpected
You broke my only heart
You broke my only heart
We were gonna be BFFs
But you ruined it, you ruined it
Continued my journey
Continued my journey
Why don't you regret yourself
Think before you put your actions
Which will hurt someone else
Which will hurt someone
In the blues
In the blues
You'll regret soon
Continued my journey
Continued my journey
Continued my journey
Now my mind is stuck
I should leave you
You'll break someone's heart
Then they will regret too
Then they will regret too
I regret it, I regret it
In the blues
In the blues
You make me blue
First we were friends, then I became so damn toxic to you
Ooh, I can't believe it, but I lost you, oh you, my first love before anyone else
I was in a fight with you
You, I tried to deny, but I couldn't
Cause I was the reason (reason)
We, (we) were (were) gonna stay friends, but cuz of me, we became enemies
Cuz of me
Cuz of me
You, you, you used to be my heart, my heart
I thought about you every night I slept, and I was too shy at 1st, then you betrayed me, told my secrets, and I was so sorry
You refused my apology
Don't you remember when we were friends together?
Ohhh, ohhh, ohhh, ohhh, ooh,
Gunshot Gray Album
It's IOGunshot
Feeling heartbroken, heartbroken,
Ooh, heartbroken
I'm so heartbroken
Do this for no reason
No reason

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