Your Worth
Your Worth

[Verse 1]
Uh, the same ragged teen just prayed on and had a dream
I took this plan up from the manor to the magazines
Take your knees off my neck, what the heck? I'm just tryna breathe
When they get so casual making casualties?
It kinda makes you think hatred is they favourite drink
They wash the plates then clear up when they drain the sink
It's all on show now, double glazing the whole house
No face when we roll out, we with it no doubt
No clout for those clowns in they offices
They low-down and suddеnly no sound on they promises
Be wary whеn you deal with these law firms
It's all love and words until they serve you like [?]
Your worth

For eight minutes and forty-six seconds, can you imagine that? This kid thought he was gonna die, he knew he was gonna die. He called for his mother

[Verse 2]
Yo, uh, some black faces
On my linage that I've made changes
But remain nameless
So please don't tell me about a statue
Especially if you ain't care until you had to
Got a new one we can add to
In fact I'll add two
Bottom of the Thames will send they memories
Blue lights and enemies
New rights and felonies
Instead he think I'm selling weed
Like I've got a Z on me
Took them man instead of me
Crook until I prove different
Bookings made me move different
Get the milk carton cah the roof missing
Knucks is spitting like he's sipping truth serum
Keep it two Virgils, he been doing verbal
Think about your words more
I think you're worth more

And for some reason, that I still don't understand, all these f**king police had their hands in their pockets. Who are you talking to? What are you signifying? That you can kneel on a man's neck and feel like you wouldn't get the wrath of God? That's what is happening right now