The Mantra (Heat in the Street Freestyle)
No- No- Nodaysoff

The first and the very last one at the gym
Spark man at the ring
Say I'm just starting, I beg your pardon
You can't pull a fast one on Mr. Fring
Some say he's the life of the party
For when he pulls up from the party begins
Me and my dawg, yeah partially twins
If you ain't play your part then it can't be a win
Burnt from shows, at my lectures
Holding my head, I was losin' my sleep
How stupid of me
Sh*t I had to do for this uni degree
I was laid up with a sweet one
I still link her too when I through
She always wanna play with the tree trunks
So why she still in the mood when I leave
Aye, a trick or two in the sleeve
Said I did a couple things that I shouldn't've
The things that I did for thе bunda
I made her my Queen like thе Prince of Zamunda
Pull up and enter the vibe, of course
New shorty on the line, of course
Spend a while when I catch up
I'm still there, cannot find this source
Sorta, kinda, awesome guy but I move kinda wild
When I write these thoughts
Twinkling eye everytime we talk
Tryna keep our replies to be nice and short
Fortune favours the bravest takers, that's why he all day tryna stay locked in
He been working since mum birthed him
And he ain't ever had a day off since
No- No- Nodaysoff