Summer Is Blue

[Verse 1]
Yeah, your guy ain't like me, what a bummer
Flex in blue, my girl up in red, my bad, man I think she a gunner
Louis the purse, jacket Chanel, I know man she think I'm a stunner (Ice)
I know man I dress like no other (Splash)
And she be my number one lover (Yeah)
I flex overseas, I'm over the scene
But yet she like me undercover
My talent is still undiscovered
Text with my agеnt tellin' me patient
I need mе some stuff for my lover
So what if they think that I'm rude (What?)
I know that summer is blue (Yeah)
Ignorance bliss start
I swear that I'm feelin' you too
I swear that she's feelin' me too (She's feelin' me, swear)
And she wanna talk over food
I cover the bill
I tell her I'm leavin' in two
I'm busy, I'm movin' the loot
Got too much to lose
No, I can't talk to your friends
I ain't got nothin' to prove
So what can I do?
You wanna follow the trends
I wanna follow the clues
[Verse 2]
Yeah, you cannot follow the route
You know the motto is true
Them versus us, that was the one
I got a squad for the troops
And I got a thot, she send me the drop
Before she send me the n***s
She don't want you, you she want deuce
Hmm, yeah
Countin' up thousands
Up in the mountains, drink from the fountain of youth
I might just pull up with sorrow tomorrow
To make sure the summer is blue
I got the winner on glue
I might just win and then win again, I might put the summer on loop
But we ain't got nothin' to prove, hmm
I need a 4x4, I ain't f**kin' with coupes
I might hit her once it's a fluke
'Cause I ain't got nothin' to do
Yeah, n***as too tall for the roof
She stilettos, I feel like Chipetto
The way I'm controllin' these yutes

[Verse 3]
Brodie if only you knew
Went from a F'd up kid with a messed up trim and a hole in his shoe
To makin' a whole lotta moves
She want me to show and to prove
You know I'm a star in this big blue sky
Why should I be only for you?
No wonder she over the moon
Two double O in the room
As long as she's criss, I'm calm with it
Got a brow skin ting in Harvey niccs
Got a pouch but I'm spendin' half on it
Give a f**k 'bout the sh*t they barberin'
So sharp I can give mans barber trim
No words my guy, no arguments
You can take the debates to parliament
How we say what you say so marvellous
How can you rate those yutes
Spinnin' the same old tunes
It's feelin' like déjà Vu
I weren't gonna stay, but you buggin' me too, yeah
Guess it won't be too much trouble to spend all my summer with you, uh
As long as it's blue