Duwap Kaine


Sky is my hero

Swear n***as love to bring up the past, n***a
Me, man, I like to count up some cash, n***a
See a fed b*t*h, you know I'm moving fast, n***a
Go inside a courtroom and turn into a rat, n***a
Skinny jeans on but I need my pockets fat, n***a
Skunk gon' ink his body, we ain't talking 'bout a tat, n***a
Can't be broke, can't be that n***a
You know I'm a glad n***a, wrap it in the Glad, n***a, ayy

I ain't never give a f**k, n***a, get it known
And I did all this sh*t on my f**kin' own
And I be trappin', never trappin' at my home
You a fake ass n***a, I know you a clone
I be balling, I be stunting in my Vlone
And your b*t*h, yeah, she call me when you not home
I'ma stunt on that b*t*h, do that b*t*h wrong
Yeah, my money long, can't wait 'til I'm on
These b*t*hes say that they love me, I know that they lying
I be high as f**k, you know that I'm flying
And I'm flexing hard, I'm not even trying
Man, you know you broke as f**k but you steady whining
Off of the gas and it feel like time rewinding
If you soul searching, b*t*h, then I'm money finding
And I'm smokin' on this onion but I'm not crying
And-And your b*t*h wanna chill but I'm not replying
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