Kodie Shane
Back on the road.
Back on the road, show to show
I lost control, she'll never know
She'll never know
She wanna f**k before I go
Tear off my clothes
Ok now baby take it slow
We can do that sh*t after
Chains like a slave, whips like a ma**a
Big body Benz, I bet I pa**ed ya
Rick Owens robe, in love with fashion
Meagan Good, the way she always actin'
F**k me good, don't even gotta ask it
Love me good, don't make me ask it
Ima be this way till I'm in the casket
I'm not really that toxic, don't be dramatic
And you're not really that pretty, you just got your a** did
All these f**kin' diamonds doing backflips
All this fake love got me jaded
All these Instagram b*t*hes overrated
F**k love, I just wanna be the greatest
We done came a long way from the pavement
Yeah, yeah