Frances Quinlan
Bride and Groom
Young couple
Is kickin air as their burning balloon
Takes the pair up and up and up and up and up and up and up
Awful windy day...
And the young agricultural manufacturer's a**istant
Slowly raises his sleepin eyes
He opens them wide wide wide wide wide
As he stares up at the sky sky sky sky sky
And the couple cries
To ears that could not hear "We are up here!
And we are so very afraid of heights!"
Then one of the brides said, "I think it's very clear
With my premonitions here
We were meant to float up high
In a air balloon tonight."
And now she's cryin
"Darlin, darlin!
Dear, I'm so sorry to approach you here!
Your most terrible of fears...
We won't get to see the morning sky..."
And all them wonder why
I'm not afraid to die...
And the water's all around them, yeah
The water's all around them
Now the townsfolk had tried to help
But how?
But now the ground is miles from them
Bound for the ocean
Bound to let go sometime
And their arms are getting tired
Yeah their bones are flaked with fire
From the string of their wires
She looks into his eyes eyes eyes eyes eyes
Says "at least we know we tried tried tried tried tried."
And the couple sighed
For years and up 'til here they both have dreamed
And so they swept their plans into the sea
She said, "We could be a pair of happy fish, she said I'll build a house in a sunkin ship. Yeah
Be a pair of happy fish, we'll build our house in a sunkin ship!" Now
They're a pair of happy fish, they live inside a sunkin ship! Yeah
They're a pair of happy fish, they live inside a sunkin ship!
But when you let go at the same time
With the flowers all fallin down
With the angels and the flowers floatin around
Stand up and make themselves known now!
Lovers drown...without a sound