Frances Quinlan
For Sebastian from a Friend
He was in a mad dash when Sebastian crashed
And flew into a sea of concrete
His parent's came runnin
They'd have saved him
Had it not been for the intense speed
At which he was movin over everyone
Gates tearin skin all down the winding path
His blue bike there in the gra**

Boy open your eyes up to see the rays hit the park in gold and green
This is for sebastian from a friend
Give a grin
I know you'll ride again
Study up on airplanes and the sea
Someday you'll be happier on air than you were on land
And you'll say
So strange, this way that I float oh oh
On bending airplanes and swollen boats
First love just like mine your knight has gone
And left you to six dogs and a sad mom
But you don't have to go wearin his old suits
And hammering steel can be real hard to do
Please be like that day when you saved all the rabbits
Carried them in your arms into the cool garage
Watch the way new things just hop along
Hop along
Hop along
Sing your song
Your guidance councelor was wrong
You've had a light all along
So sing your song
And hop along hop along
Sing your song hop along
Sing your song hop along
Sing your song hop along
Sing your songs
So changed are things in this home oh oh
The dogs have gone and left only their bones

And I am afraid of everything especially the sun
Once I dreamt it flew into the earth and killed everyone
Would I wail off and kiss him and say
I always liked you
Or call my mother say dear mother
I wish that there was something we could do
But I am a dog I just sat up and begged
Thought I'm not so sure I'd like bein dead
But am I much better lyin here in my bed
And opened my eyes up to see
Some sun had fallen over me

And I said
So strange, now that I've awoke, oh oh
Yeah, I felt so changed, when morning broke
Yeah, things have been so strange since the last time we spoke
This whole town is so changed
The boys on their bikes are all soaked
Now what am I supposed to do?
'Cause I'm still in love with you. Oh ooo