Frances Quinlan
Hi Too Loo Rye
Mother, once I awoke as an old man
My name was Stanley Forbes, and I threw tin cans at everyone who pa**ed my porch
I don't know why I did, but I didn't throw them at the kids, so
I was a good guy

I remember yellin' hi
Too loo rye
It's the day before I die
So why
Too loo rye
Is everybody is walking by? Oh hi
Too loo rye
It's the day before I die
And I wanna sigh and cry
Alongside my brothers

Mother, once I awoke as a squirrel
And I jumped from tree to tree to tree to tree
It was me at the acme of my career
I saved all I caught that year, which is a lot of acorns let me tell you
I was very resourceful

And I cried
Too loo rye
This is how it feels to fly so high
Too loo rye
This ain't nothing cash could buy, oh hi
Too loo rye
Tomorrow, I could die
So I'm gonna climb the pines and have myself a time

Mother, I dreamt I died last night
See I was a lightbulb, left on a little too long
And I burned till I was dead
With a hundred good ideas in my head
But I forgot 'em all
And they tried to throw me away
But hey, when they grabbed ahold of me
They all would burn their hands and see that
I was still quite hot with thought and so, a little thought they got that
They should keep me as a kind of warmth you can't get from a stove or hearth
So I sought and thought but then cooled down and said
Oh, hi
Too loo rye
To think I had a light inside when I try
Too loo rye
To remember what I wanted to find so, sigh
Too loo rye
I thought that I had died

But I think tonight I got it right, I'm Stanley and the squirrel, the invisible light, I'm a lover, liar, humble fire, I'm a little spider and a chicken on a wire- Climbin', tryin', sighin', cryin', laughin', high-fivin', slowly dyin'

But I swear now that's alright, yeah I swear now that's alright
(Dear mother, I'm alright)