Frances Quinlan
A Drummer’s Arm
'Tween four fellas playing bacci ball
And suddenly a bolt of lightning struck down
It was stunning the way they separated
And all the atoms fell just like confetti
But somehow found their way up to heaven
Called the ghost out, our father spinning around and around
How captivating they wound about each other
Just like a little wedding
And the head spectre said please get yourselves together
But the problem with the particles is they can't remember
Who is who - am I you? or are there two of us together
Or am I, am I me forever?
And the one that was a part of bob's hand said "understand
I am done being held down by this man" then he ran
Last winter, I heard he was living in the wind pipe of a famous opera singer
And another one fell down and found himself inside a cannon
Part of a daredevil's heart no one's sure of where he landed
But the moment of the shot the crowd
All got the chills I still swear that I can feel it
And another
Now a drummers arm they say hes outta work
And is now a little lonely poorly store clerk
But I know he'll be back have you heard the way he used to hit The high hat
How he hit the high hat, hit the high hat ....