Frances Quinlan
Look of Love
Jane Austen in the hospital
Your handwriting on the legal pad was barely legible
Waiting I wonder if I could go all the way back
Would any of it still scare me
For example the labrador down the street

Mom carried me down from off the car
Neighbor scolded I'd upset him
Every time he took off, my thoughts got dark and menacing

Go on Romeo, bark your head off
My last terror of ignorance is still to come
Couldn't quit it, you dumb dog
Chasing speeding cars
I heard the engine and then you lay like a good boy
On the hot summer tar

That night, the awful relief
Now what are ya gonna do to me?
First symptom of guilt then became a permanent shame

And now I can get close enough, close enough to see you're overgrown with a look of love. (You're overgrown with a look of love.)

I still dream of spiders crawling across my bed
The present, I have no place in it
I still dream of being watched, but not by ---
Well, I know your thoughts on the matter
And we don't need to discuss it

'Round three AM you will come to
Your roommate's p*ssed his sheets right through
Years from now you will build beautiful black flowers

I came home and you directed with your hardened hand
All of your birds who have come back to dine and rest in your garden again
(They've come to rest in your garden.)

Now I can get close enough
Close enough to see you're overgrown with a look of love
You're overgrown with a look of love

(La la la la la la la)
(Bark your head off
Bark your head off dog)