Frances Quinlan
What If I Saw You On The Street
What if I saw you on the street after nine?
I wasn't falling over drunk this time
Would you be sweet or toe the line?
You know how much I love a cruel divide

When we meet
Dying to be in between your sheets
Don't think I could trust you

What if you never ever lied through your teeth?
There must be something decent underneath
If I was most attracted to the guys

The way this keeps
Ending up the same [?]
I don't think I'm inclined to

I keep on fightin' the urge to say
I hate the way that every single day
Is the day that you might need me to throw it all and pay
All my attention to you no matter what you do to me or my life
I'll give up all of my time and leave everything behind
And I'd say

That's the phenomena
It's never what you want
It's so hard to know the [?]
Face your fears and throw them all away