James TW

"You & Me"

[Verse 1]
I didn't mean to hurt you
So why’d I let you walk out the door?
You say that you don't know me
You don't know who I am anymore
But if you knew the truth, then
Then you wouldn’t feel insecure
'Cause if I didn't have you
I wouldn't have nothing at all

I wish you could see yourself through my eyes
I always forget that you can't read my mind

As long as I got you and me
Moving through this world as a two-man team
I'll always have everything I need
You don't even realise what you mean
No one could fall for you quite like me
No one could get me so perfectly
You don't even realise (Oh-oh-oh)
You’re all that I need
’Cause I want you and me, you and me

[Verse 2]
I know one day we'll look back
Stories on the tip of our tongues
A library full of pages
Remembering when we fell in love
All of the broken hearts and the stupid mistakes
Have got us to where we are, it was worth all the pain
Yeah, we’ll look back
We'll look back and laugh
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