Frank Walker
Graduation Day
[Spoken: DeRay]
What in the f**k was that, Kanye?! I told you to do some sh*t for the kids! You can give me your muthaf**kin' graduation ticket right now! You give me this muthaf**kin' robe before you catch some senioritis! You will not walk across that stage! You won’t slide across that stage! Motherf**ker can’t pull you across that muthaf**kin' stage, Kanye! Who told you? See, I told you to do something uplifting! I’m tryna get you out here with these white people and this how you're gonna do me! You know what, you's a n***a. And I don’t mean that in no nice way. Had little kids sing about the sh*t—the joke's on you. You throw your motherf**king hands in the air and wave goodbye to every-motherf**king-body! 'Cause you getting the f**k out of this campus! What the f**k you gon' do now?

[Verse: John Legend]
I'm no longer confused, but don't tell anybody
I'm about to break the rules, but don't tell anybody
I got something better than school, so don't tell anybody
My momma would kill me, so don't tell anybody
She wants me to get a good a** job, just like everybody
She ain't walked in my shoes, I'm just not everybody