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Lil Tracy


[Verse 1: Tracy as Eblis the Persian Dolphin]
I'm the motherf*cking dolphin, Low-key and very cautious
Shouts-out to the track, we hella sick, made her nauseous
Stick it in her clit, make it leak like a faucet
When I rap it's for real like I'm workin' in an office
I'm flawless on offense, bruh, you need to get your D up
I'm the boss, last level, you boys soft like some D-cups
I'm in the forrest smokin' on forrest, now I'm one with the trees
Compose the track all alone, make me one with the beat
Fox Clan, I'm the sheep, move through the night like some creeps
I'm taggin' knowledge on the wall while the cops lurk the streets
While the world fast asleep, I'm in the booth and I'm twerkin'
I'm a young skinny n*gga wit' my feet off the surface
No hats, I'm in turbans and one thing's for certain
If I get a little fame I'ma 'cause the game [?]
And I'ma put n*ggas on lyrical incursion
I'm the dolphin underwater, I'm swimmin' up to the surface
And when I splash on the scene n*ggas gon' hate on purpose

[Instrumental Break]

[Verse 2: Tracy as Eblis the Persian Dolphin]
Ayy, yo, Insomnia is real 'cause I don't sleep, I stay lurkin'
Man, I'm somethin' like a fox, it's rare to see me in person
But when you do, you in awe 'cause I'm rare and I'm gorgeous
Other n*ggas don't compare and they lack the importance
I swear my life like a tortoise, man, I'm slowly dyin'
The drugs ruin my insides, they think I need an asylum
When truth is, I'm a rebel, f*ck them governmental devils
Turnt my fam into slaves, got 'em killin' over J's
Got 'em feinin' over chains, got 'em thinkin' in the caves
Cops gon' put me in the cage like they did my grandma
I refused to be a clone, so, I enhanced my grammar
And my mental type strong, b*tch, I'm thinkin' like Santa
So if you come at me weak you will suffer a defeat
I'm the king, you at my feet, I'm Shepard Dolphin, you're the sheep
So, listen to me speak, I bet you learn somethin'
These other rappers lying to you, Persian Dolphin can be trusted

[Outro: Tracy as Eblis the Persian Dolphin]

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