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Lil Tracy


You know, one time
I knew this girl
I'm not, I’m not gon' say her name or nothin'
But you know, I
She was real’ beautiful
You know, I could tell that she had only f*cked [?] them type of n*ggas, you know like, them common ass n*ggas
Them [?] n*ggas ([?] n*ggas)
You know I'm saying, I, I started, we started talking
You know, the end of, to get to the, you know, the end of the story, she had asked me, she said "Why are these n*ggas so predictable?"

[Verse 1]
I would never only live for the paper
Money over b*tches
I'm not with it 'cause i love mother nature
From the rocks to the waves
And i still don't get how black men can kill they own race if they once were slaves
I contemplate my life situation
Should I leave or shall my state mental [?]
Real base boy, dress up like they ancients
Swag [?], except that's sag
If the boof was a lack I'm whipping you in the car seat
Young n*gga we just numbers in a system, so quit chasing money, you might get f*cked like a stripper
And no, they won't tip you, strip you down what i heard
You act a fool locked up, you get locked down what i heard
I hope to only hear it, but i got a couple hearings so I might get [?] in the near future
As of now I’m chilling [?] with a black man, criminal
By the [?] ranch
I’m in a [?]
I'm finna hop the [?]
I’m thinking above these n*ggas who spend whop on Gucci
I'm getting top, then she get it back
Quick I never slap with this rap sh*t
I never act, b*tch you rapid
Or, was it Mark Wahlberg?
Dolphin swimming in the shindig, with his friends
Made your girlfriend awkward
[Cricket Sounds]
Being with you
I'm eating fruit, 'cause I’m green like the [?] fox
Clear n*gga, I creep the streets as you sleep
f*ck a schedule, I be going with the flow
You see, I'm steady making moves
Kick push then i coast
Never slow
Some underground dudes is a clique full of [?]
This track a solid rock
Go through you n*ggas like foam
Not tryin' to boast, n*gga, but my clique, you can't approach
'Cause while you're walking on the streets fox klan lies below, you never know
I got bars for many days, lyrics last 'til I'm old
Grabbin [?], I plant the weed seed
Still spittin' when it's grown
It's time to smoke, n*gga (Ahh)

[Verse 2]
It's time to smoke, [?] rose the dope
I [?] my teeth, feeling time moving slow
My mind miles from the flow
I look up to the sky, and wonder "Why?", "What?", "How?", "When?"
Crazy I'm on the east yet the streets tease my vision 'cause they resemble the south [?]
I been doubtin the radical juices and when I'm skating I make the radical movements
Far from average
The track told me this is slappin', this is more than rappin'
This gift too big
[?] my favourite actions is split to [?], then you lift to another dimension
My girl bad, she got a 100 detentions
She's an african princess
Some nights I sit and [?] listen on the old [?]
If I could, I'd beat it up like it's [?] tools
f*ck it, release my anger on the beat leaving all [?]
My colored culture calls for royalty [?] a [?]
Waste the money like oil leak
I'm just a product of the earth like the [?], uh

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