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Lil Tracy

"DM - 8BALL #F0X KLAN 6tk crow"

My life f*cked up, I wanna die, I wanna die
I got these dark ass thoughts in my mind all the time
Take a hit from the splif,f getting high ease my mind
Shouts out to my clique DTB, whats up Chai?
8ball, fox klan, sizzurp got me slowed up
n*ggas listen to my sh*t, it's like they sniffin’ coca
I'm underground, underground
Don't nobody know us
I rep the town, I rep the town
Genessee gonna throw it up

Yeh, yeh

Hennesey and robitus

TKA Beats Productions (?)

I’m the cannabis abuser, spray can user
Look at how I maneuver, shows I'm the manure
My girl gorgeous, n*ggas stay tryna seduce her
I can't f*ckin' loose her, I see her in my future
High schoo, l dropped out, I f*cked up my future
While you in the classes I'm probably dropping acid
A n*gga f*ckin' trippin' man, I should start packin
Rappers don't love rap, only cash and the fashion
Underground music, I rap with a passion
Young vandalist, feel the wind in the nigh time
Dressed black on black so I blend with the night time
Spark the cannabis, smoke drifts in the night time
I’m from Genesee, I hope you’re sober when your listenin to me 'cause I spit hennesey

8ball n*gga, Star Trek

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