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Lil Tracy

"Cigarettes/ Through Frames Pt. 2"

[Intro: Unknown Sample]
All those [?] smells like cigarettes now
Sometimes [?]
I'm in california now
No time to worry

[Verse 1: General Booth]
[?] choking on life, like a spliff
Only love you can explain that nonsense
[?] bars in a riff
Watch me jump through frames
Ripping apart my brain
Trying to remain the same
But I gotta change to induce that lane
That you walk that path lined by my name
Come to me

[Bridge: General Booth]
Devour the joy of bitter souls and
Should [?] misery that's
Why they call me the general

[Verse 2: Yung Bruh]
Ride round the town smoking hella weed
I'm just out here coolin, b*t*h don't mess with me
A lot of these hoes wanna have sex with me
If she got money that's ok with me
Lame ass n***as starting to hate on me
Worry bout that beef, broke as some pu**y
I'm been in the game, you just some rookie
Sit yo ass on the bench and don't even speak
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