Original Broadway Cast of The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee
I’m Not That Smart
I'm not that smart
My siblings have been telling me that for years-
That I'm not smart
We're schooled at home
They see who's bright
It breaks my heart
I'm not that smart

Guess what? Y'know what? Guess what?

I have a gentle personality
Which you'll all agree
Is an anath'ma to my more aggressive family
Everyone keeps swatting

[FAMILY, spoken]
"Dumb kid!"

Everyone keeps yelling

[FAMILY, spoken]
"Dumb kid!"

How could a flea
Such as me
Think he'd be good at spelling?
I don't know

I like my hair
It is pleasant to the touch
I toss my hair
[He does.]

A bit too much

[He does again.]

It doesn't move
It simply sits
I make a part

[He does.]

I'm not that smart

[Ballet break]

BUM! Doodle-doo!

I've forgotten the word.
[PANCH, spoken]

[CONEYBEAR, spoken]
Oh yeah, Acouchi. The rodent resembling the other rodent - what was the... A-C-O-U-C-H-I. Acouchi?

[PANCH, spoken]
That is correct.

I might be smart
My siblings can't believe that I got it right
But I got it right
I didn't cheat
I saw this light
And it was neat
I like to laugh
I like to spell
I like to never hear the bell
And if this compet**ion's hell...
At least I'm finally a part
I feel my heart
Begins to swell
I like — I love — to spell!

I like it a lot!