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"It's About That Walk"

Fellas would you look at that thing
Have you ever?

[Verse 1]
You just got back from Paris
You probably went to buy some clothes
You are on your way to Nell's in New York
Going to meet who? Heaven knows

[Chorus 1]
But it isn't about where you're coming
It isn't about where you go
It isn't about who you've been with
Because it isn't about who you know

[Chorus 2]
It's about that walk - can we talk about it?
It's about that walk - I want to shout about it


[Verse 2]
Your ass like a fine cut diamond
Mounted on to legs of stone
The prison I could do some time in
If I ever got that ass alone
But for now I'll just keep my shirt on
Because I am not about losing cool
[Because it] isn't about losing sleep, for that matter
Baby, that nothing that I do

[Chorus 2]

Oh yeah baby
(Anything else let me do that work, shake it) (Ooh)
Mmm, mmm-mmm!
Fellas have you ever

[Chorus 1]

[Chorus 2]
It's about that walk, yeah - I want to talk about it
Baby, baby, baby about the walk - ooh shout about it, shout about it

Oooh wee!
Oh Lord, Lord
Girl U know U got the walk
Girl U know I got the talk
Lord I mercy[?]

Keep playing
Vegas on a C
Ooh-(what what)
Remember about that ending?
On the one

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