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Hello people
I’m  dead
Ah  ah ah, I’m dead
Don’t day I can’t alive ‘cause I’m dead
I died in a car crash 23 years from today
2  decades later and I’m dead
But  it’s the 90s so who cares
Blur releases their new album and I just don’t give a f**k

Yo  what up it’s the panda girl
You can’t handle this girl
Emily is dead, no doubt about it
Kaia Watkins replaced her ever since
Don’t  think this is a lie, I’m a popular YouTuber
Doc everyone’s gonna believe me, right?

I say she’s dead
And our lyrics don’t need to rhyme to prove a point
It was 23 years later, November 6 2018
She’s dead
Dead like Bambi’s mother
Dead like Mufasa
Dead like Lennon
Dead like Sinatra

T-Girl, step up to the mic and show em’ who’s the boss

I don’t f**k with n**gas who say she’s alive
And I mean Korean,so what
People said Paul McCartney died, well Emily is in the same exact fate as they thought
And you may got more cash than me, but you ain’t got the skills to eat a n*****s a** like me
I bang c*ck in Bangkok
J’s on my feet, J’s on my feet
Ladies love, I’m on my cool J
Lookin like I’m on Cannabis
I’d like to borrow the microphone on your tattoo
Yeah yeah

Yo gang, let’s get outta here

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