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"Sabbath Mater (Live)"

I am she who spits out the lusts
The root ov sin derived from me
I am born ov sacrilegious uterus
Magna peccatrix
I am she who cast the adversaries out
I am the spawn ov her vulva obsolete
Libera nos blasfemia madonna
Magna hecate

With the sound ov trumpets!
With the pounding ov demon drums!
Come forth within!
Come forth without!

With the roaring thunders
With the blinding light
Come to be exalted!
Come to be despised!

For i am Aurora's son
With no beginning, with no decline
Sabbath, atter dolorosa
A progency ov her lecherous c**t
Love me orgasmically
f**k me estatically
Genetrix meretix
I pledge my heart to thee
I bow down devotedly
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