Imma Ride (Freestyle)
See I take care of my team, they gon' shine
Plus whoever my girl is, she gon' ride
An you boy, you can go ahead and f**king die
Hunt your a** down and haunt you whenever I find
Wherever you may reside, whatever I wanna decide
Like rather or not shall I?
Come inside, make sure nobody gets out alive
On a good day you would think I was the bad guy
You really don't want to see my devilish side, Jekyll and Hyde
Your welcomed to this psychotic mind of mines
Call this the shining, only I'm balling like sitting court side
That's right, get jacked for nickels while I drop dimes
You couldn't get at my level even if you tried
You can't get caught up with me with a second chance to catch me on time
You react slower then a grandfather, get clocked like he does until there's a better reaction to come on by
You'll go down as being scared of heights
You can't see me even from a hindsight
I'ma just ride, you couldn't see me even I turned on the brights
Your like all three blind mice combined
My rhymes are three nice, got lines that are triple knot tight
I'ma do me, which is all I do and ever did, can't even lie
What I will be able to do is say I never even lied
So when I preach with words like f**k the government, and speak up on how the capital lies
Just know it's for a good reason and I want you to capitalize
And me I'ma just f**king ride, ride, ride
I'f I didn't do that, then I would have already died, died, died
Meaning my ride with have doors that are suicide
Meaning I get her wetter then a slip n' slide
This the road to the riches, I left with all bullsh*t set to the roadside
You know I'm gonna f**king shine, on the tail of Haley's comet is the trail I leave behind
I'm making more moves then a break dancer, the electric slide
I'm smooth with the ride so just watch me as I glide