Yung bruh AKA Lil Tracy
A L1l Mag1c S0uljahw1tch
Hey, Souljahwitch
I see you bro, you done came up
I know you feelin' sad Souljahwitch, don't give up
I'm a princess, she's a princess too
Aye, don't be sad Souljahwitch
You a princess bruh
[?] glowing up, Imma fly [?]
I'm tellin' you Souljahwitch, you finna shine hard
Don't worry

[Verse 1]
B*t*h, I'm Souljahwitch and I'm prettier than all my hoes
Lil magic n***a, cast a spell when I'm all alone
That b*t*h that you want, man, she call my phone
She wanna f**k with me, but I'm better on my own
Souljahwitch, I shine like a f**kin' chain
I don't want no f**kin' fame, I want a 100K
I don't give a f**k if you know my name
But in case you didn't know, I'm Lil Tracy, mane

I'm Lil Tracy, mane, Souljahwitch
Yung Bruh, real talk man, I don't give a f**k about nobody man, I just want 100k

[Verse 2]
I'm a vampire if you didn't know
If shawty wanna f**k, Imma take her soul
Bite her on the neck now she'll never go
I'm a young angel smoking heaven dope
She said that she a princess, I'm a princess too
I'm a angel in yo' city, b*t*h, I'm flyin' through
N***as be lyin', b*t*hes lyin' too
I don't trust myself so why would I trust you?
Young goth n***a, I'm kawaii too
Ghetto angel with the Nike shoes
If you see Souljahwitch he probably high on shrooms
Lookin' elegant and very magical
Shawty, I won't smoke a blunt, I wanna pa** to you
I'm conceited, b*t*h, I'm braggin' too