[Verse 1 : Yung Yogi]
Exercising with the exorcist
Pablo Escobar, b*t*h I'm gettin' rich
Relapse, [?]
Ain't no heaven for me, my soul don't exist
While you was cookin' crystal I was grippin' pistols
And these xannies skittles, foreign bands in Bristol
B*t*h, I just pulled up with the percs
Percs with the Glock and the work

[Verse 2: Ramirez]
Touch down in LA, Yogi hit me with the play
Hit 'em with the Uzi, Beretta, I'm barely with the spray
You don't wanna f**k with me, cause I'm bringin' the f**kin' heavens
Speed demon with the whip, and I'm smashin' through f**kin' traffic
Boy I'm the son of the reaper, I'm grippin' your soul
And I'm taking your b*t*h, I mistreat her
Stickin' my d**k down the back of her mouth
All of my n***as be runnin' them routes

[Verse 3: Shakewell]
Runnin' out of drugs, boy, with the f**kin' gun up
Do about with drugs, I ain't feeling marijuana
Off Dilaudid in my veins, and I'm screamin' on the come up
Ridin', come through the rain with the heat, that's a sauna
Need to pick me a pill off the plug, but he dry
Pull out the slug on the doctor, I'm ready to die
F**kboy don't lose your life over some drugs and a pint
If you barkin' we bite, I'ma pull out my shank and my 9